The Super Lustrous lipsticks from Revlon

Revlon has launched the Super Lustrous Street Chic lipsticks collection. They sent me to test 6 of the various colors and I am definitely really impressed with the quality and textures of the lipsticks!

The lipsticks are iconic, global inspired and enriched with vitamin C and E, have a super-silk technology which offers a high quality moisturizing to the lips, it has an incredible coverage and is long lasting. The colors are traditional and trendy! It’s only about to find your shade!Here is the real color on the lips!

1.Bombshell red. Very beautiful and powerful red. Perfect for everyday and night!

2. Naughty Plum. My favorite everyday lipstick!

3. Bare Affair. Very classic nude with pink undertone.

4. Midnight Mystery. I actually love that shade. Different, powerful and trendy! Black with blue undertone!

5. Gold Goddess. The shimmering gold stands out so beautifully in the lips, perfect for a night out!

6. Lilac Mist. A must have for the spring!

Go for it girls and let me know What you Think 😘❤️

Hope you like it!

All the lipsticks are available at-Magasin/Kgs Nytorv, Århus, Lyngby.

Salling Åhus and Aalborg


My 30 years birthday party 

In this post I will show you some details of my 30th birthday party! 

The theme was “The Great Gatsby”, a movie that I love! 

It really inspired me when planning all the details! 20’s, shine, pearls and lots of feathers – can it be any better!? 

The place chosen for the party was the Restaurant Address with view to the sea which perfectly matched the theme of the party, all decoration was made by  Tilde the manager of restaurant- a cute and very dedicated woman! 

See link :

Thanks to my lovely “comadre”Hennys who took all the pictures!!

The presence of dear friends that made my party even more beautiful and joyful !!!

The super thematic cake made by beautiful friend Poliana!

Welcome drinks!

Cake table!

My dear (Danish) family that always gives me unforgettable moments and does everything for me! Love them so much!

One of my greatest joys was the presence of my parents and my niece – part of a birthday present from my love ! 

 A dream that came true!! 

I can only say that everything was so perfect and exactly the way I imagined!! I just could not stop myself from sharing the event on my blog.
Thanks  to all!

I hope you like it !! 

For Curls 💗

Hi guys, 
Today’s post is about curls!

I am so happy to write this post, as the webshop “From Brazil” was so kind to send me the Brazilian brand Novex (which is special made for curls!). The website is not ready yet, but you can request the products on their facebook page. sent me the kit called “I love being curly hair” which contains a moisturizing shampoo and a conditioner treatment line style Afro hair). They also sent me an ultra-deep treatment cream of coconut oil and two hydrating ampoules of D-pantol. I LOVE IT! 

The shampoo and conditioner “was created especially to enhance the Afro style moisturizing and deeply nourishing the curls to translate into the curls curves the unique charm of Brazil.” The products are enriched with two powerful super agents in the hydration issue: argan oil that enhances the brightness of clusters and smoothes eliminated frizz and D-pantol which is a deep moisturizing active strengthens and also eliminates the split ends. 
I have been trying the products for a while now, and I must say that I am so in love with the result of the products. The best part is that the conditioner can be used as a leave-in, which is one of the reasons that I have been testing it on Maria’s hair.

See the result 👇🏽lightweight and shining😍

The deep treatment cream based on coconut oil has a wonderful result. Everyone knows that coconut oil is “miraculous” right?!, Moisturizes, restores, strengthens and nourishes the hair fiber. After the second application I already could feel a very positive result!!

My hair was soft and well hydrated and frizz greatly reduced. I applied it on dry hair two times a week.

The D-pantol treatment is specific for the hair to keep the moisture much longer. I added the ampoule in my shampoo, but it can also be added in the conditioner or in the treatment mask. This one is definitely a MUST HAVE! 

As you can hear I am really satisfied with the result of these products, and I can nothing but recommend it to all you guys with beautiful curly hair!! 😍💗

Thanks From Brazil 💗💙
Kisses 😘😘

Maria’s “summer inspired” outfits 

Hi my loves,
Today’s post is about: beauty and cuteness 💗💗.I want to show you the outfits Maria was wearing during the few sunny and warm summer days we had some weeks ago.

Maria didn’t like wearing shorts, she always  prefered dresses or skirts, but after she started at school,  she changed her opinion and instead thought it’s super “cool” to wear shorts now.
I think  it has something  to do with the changing environment(kindengarten/ school) where the kids goes from being a child to become a “girl” or “boy”.

1. Outfit: Yellow with white! perfect combination for a hot day!

2. Outfit: White with a little touch of silver and shening! She loves it! 

3. Outfit: Blooms! They were so successful during this spring/summer 2016! It’s just fresh and pretty 

Maria is a such a big girl and always wants to be part when choosing her clothes! Sometime we agree, sometime we don’t! In the end The most important thing is that she feels good wearing it and  that the clothes is appropriated for her age! 

All the outfits are from Zara Kids. 

Hope you like it!! 


All about stripes! 

Hello my loves, after almost a month withouta post I am back !!!!

Today I will talk a bit about the new trend that is in right now and timeless. You can use it for the entire year!
Stripes are back! Colorful, vertical, horizontal, diagonal, thin, thick and classic: white, black and navy blue. Stripes dominated the catwalks at the fashion shows of super brands (fx: Chanel, Prada and Gucci) in 2016!

There’s for every taste and for every occasion!

The question now is how to use and when to use! Everything is a matter of good census and to know what favors us!
I love stripes and I always go for something that makes me more thin of course 😀 such as this divine dress by Karen Millen that has a mix of stripes in addition to sharpen the silhouette is super chick and comfortable! I wore this at a family lunch. I added some sneaks to make the look a bit more casual so I wouldn’t overshine. I received a lot of compliments 😀😋

So girls enjoy and have fun with stripes!

I hope you enjoy!

Dress: Karen Millen
Sneakers: Marc Jacobs
Sun Glasses: Céline

The first teeth 💙💗

Today’s post is targeted to  first time mothers 😘😍

 I have two children, Maria is 5 years old and Benjamin 1 year and 6 months old. 

I decided to share my experiences with Benjamin’s first teeth as I didn’t have any problems with Maria’s first teeth. 

Benjamin got his first tooth when he was 9 months old (a bit late according to his doctor)  the symptoms was really aggressive making it a hard experience for all of us. He drools a lot what makes a horrible irritation around his mouth, he doesn’t sleep normally, gets fever, becomes super sensitive and wants to bite everything he sees ahead in the intention of scratching the gum which by the way is very red and swollen.

To  relieve the  symptoms I usually gave something cold to him, we make milk popsicle which he loves 😀 also I put the pacifiers in the fridge and switch them during the day. One very important thing is the contact with us he gets really sly (what makes me want to hug him even more which makes him very relaxed). At home we do not spare on kisses and hugs💗💙

I also recommend the rubber pacifiers, Benjamin uses a lot to bite and scratch the gums as they do not hurt.

He is already 1 year and 6 months and so far has 8 teeth have visited the dentist 2 times and thank God everything is going great 😍

I do not use any type of medicine because I do not think its necessary, I try to solve it in the most natural way as possible. If you have to use some kind of medication always consult the doctor. Medication without prescription may be harmful to health and may lead to serious consequences
Tell me if you are,  or already have been through this experience 😘💙💗


Look of the day: Jeans Destroyed 

Hi guys, 

the destroyed jeans is back on trend again! Jeans has been loved through generations since the mid-nineteenth century when Levi Strauss launched jeanswear as work clothes because of the strength of the fabric “denim”. The jeans started to be used on a daily only from the twentieth century, when it had been popularized by the cowboys of the American movies, by American soldiers in the Second World War, movie stars and American musicians such as Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley.  The hippies used them as a symbol of protest and rebellion.

The intention of destroyed jeans is to  create  a more casual  outfit  that can also be sophisticated depending on the accessories and shoes added to the “punk” outfit. 

Check out my choice! I’m so in love with these white  light destroyed jeans! 

Hope you like! 😍😘

Pants: Pieces 

Blouse: Gina Tricot 

Bag: Louis Vuitton

Sunglasses: Céline