Review: Colorstay foundation from Revlon😍

Hi ladies! 

Today I will write about a Revlon product that really impressed me since the first time I used it. The Colorstay 24 hours wear foundation. The quality of coverage is amazing, as it was not necessary to apply several layers. It left my skin so beautiful with the super natural finish, and at the same time covers all imperfections, you know ?! 
– It is (kind of) a desire!! Revlon sent me the 4 darkest shades of the colorstay serie and the beautiful highlighter Photoready insta fix in the shade gold light. It totally made my day when I found out that Revlon produces dark shades, which is not very easy to find here in Denmark! It is like tailored for my skin, I love it 😍😍

I have now been using the foundation for a weeks time and my skin feels natural and flawless all day without retouching. It comes with a great variety of shades, with pink and yellow undertone! My shade is number 400 caramel. I love it and I think you will too😍

I used the foundation for this beautiful “fall-inspired” makeup and highlighting with the photoready insta fix, I love the final results!

 The darkest shades are: 
440 Marrongany, 400 Caramel, 340 Early Tam and 350 Rich Tan. 

They are available at Magasin Kgs Nytorv

Thank you Revlon! 

Enjoy 😍😘😘😘


Favorite make-up products for the summertime

My loves,
As the Danish summer has officially ended, I’ve decided to show you the makeup products that I used during the last two months. During the summer I always try to take more care of my facial skin: by using sun lotion and moisturizer. Furthermore I use products for oil controlling, see picture below.

Let’s check out the products 😌

I start with the skin: as a foundation I use the  bronze from Chanel (Tan de solei) which is DIVINE! It was one of the first products to darker skin that I tried when I came to Denmark and I used it all summer. The color is universal because it is a bronze. The texture is velvety and has a medium coverage and leaves the skin fresh all day long. I always bring it, when I go to Brazil, where I use it on really hot summer days. I simply love this product so much.

1: This is the blush for the summer 😌😌 I bought this blush from Marc Jacobs at Sephora and I was afraid that it would not work for my skin tone, but I got surprised as it was so successful, I ended up using it every day. The color is so beautiful and the baked pink is perfect on dark skin – it gives a very natural look and is perfect for summer!

2: It is not a secret anymore that I am in love with this high light from Mac (Soft and gentle)  πŸ˜³ it is too perfect, I use both during the day and during the night!

1: A product that I decided to give a chance was that serum from Caudalie as I use as prime, moisturizer , it has sun protection and is anti wrinkle! After 2 weeks use, I could feel a considerable improvement in my skin. I have already been using it for three months and it really is another favorite!

2: After I found out about this makeup fixer  and oil controller from Urban Decay i do not want to try another product!  The makeup lasts all day and the skin feels so fresh. I already have a reservation 😍

Now let’s go for the fun part: Eyes!

1: I got this palette from YSL as a gift from Niko. I was really excited to try and I really love it . These neutral colors can be used with everything and is for all. The palette is small and easy carry in my bag. I used a lot the whole summer and I’m sure I’ll be using a lot when the fall and winter comes …
2: For the summer I prefer the  lashes that do not crumble, you know ?! I love the Maybeline which is waterproof, but sometimes I feel it irritates my eyes, therefore I often use the Chanel too. 

The Chanel looks like it is waterbased, it does not crumble and it is very light! I will try to look for one that is more affordable with the same benefits πŸ˜€
The following is about the mouth: πŸ˜€

During the summer I like to use lipsticks that are more hydrating, it is more natural and it does not dry the lips. My favorite lipstick for the summer is this beautiful lipstick from Dior and a lip liner from Urban Decay (1993) perfect match for the hot days!

Hope you like ?! Tell me which make-up products you like the most for summer. 😍😘 so I can get some inspiration from you guys 😍

Beijos 😘