My 30 years birthday party 

In this post I will show you some details of my 30th birthday party! 

The theme was “The Great Gatsby”, a movie that I love! 

It really inspired me when planning all the details! 20’s, shine, pearls and lots of feathers – can it be any better!? 

The place chosen for the party was the Restaurant Address with view to the sea which perfectly matched the theme of the party, all decoration was made by  Tilde the manager of restaurant- a cute and very dedicated woman! 

See link :

Thanks to my lovely “comadre”Hennys who took all the pictures!!

The presence of dear friends that made my party even more beautiful and joyful !!!

The super thematic cake made by beautiful friend Poliana!

Welcome drinks!

Cake table!

My dear (Danish) family that always gives me unforgettable moments and does everything for me! Love them so much!

One of my greatest joys was the presence of my parents and my niece – part of a birthday present from my love ! 

 A dream that came true!! 

I can only say that everything was so perfect and exactly the way I imagined!! I just could not stop myself from sharing the event on my blog.
Thanks  to all!

I hope you like it !! 


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