Review: Colorstay foundation from Revlon😍

Hi ladies! 

Today I will write about a Revlon product that really impressed me since the first time I used it. The Colorstay 24 hours wear foundation. The quality of coverage is amazing, as it was not necessary to apply several layers. It left my skin so beautiful with the super natural finish, and at the same time covers all imperfections, you know ?! 
– It is (kind of) a desire!! Revlon sent me the 4 darkest shades of the colorstay serie and the beautiful highlighter Photoready insta fix in the shade gold light. It totally made my day when I found out that Revlon produces dark shades, which is not very easy to find here in Denmark! It is like tailored for my skin, I love it 😍😍

I have now been using the foundation for a weeks time and my skin feels natural and flawless all day without retouching. It comes with a great variety of shades, with pink and yellow undertone! My shade is number 400 caramel. I love it and I think you will too😍

I used the foundation for this beautiful “fall-inspired” makeup and highlighting with the photoready insta fix, I love the final results!

 The darkest shades are: 
440 Marrongany, 400 Caramel, 340 Early Tam and 350 Rich Tan. 

They are available at Magasin Kgs Nytorv

Thank you Revlon! 

Enjoy 😍😘😘😘


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